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     'Briiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnng' The sound of my alarm clock. Oh how I hate that sound. I turn and lay on my side and slam my hand on the button on top of the small black machine. "4 o'clock in the morning again. Ugh. I need a new job." I throw my blankets to the side and sit up, throwing my legs on the side of the bed. I sigh and slowly stand up. Once all of my sences come to me I walk over to my sterio and turn it on. The red numbers blink and then show '15'. I press play. The first song that comes on is 'Will Smith- Switch'. I start to sing and dance as I walk to one of the three doors. I open it and look at my bathroom. "Another day. Another quick shower    in my small bathroom." I sigh again and quickly take my shower. I get out, blow dry my hair, put it up in the ponytail I always have it in. I walk back out into my bedroom, at this time the song is now 'Will Smith- Just the Two of Us'. If you can't tell by now, I like Will Smith. I walk over to one of the other doors and open it, showing all of my clothes. Not very many by the way. The first thing you think when you look into my closet is 'black' which is what it is. My entire wardrobe consists of, well, black. I do, however, have a reason. All of it, every single piece of clothing I own are my work clothes. I'm a bodyguard, it's required. If I don't wear it I'll get fired. I sigh and pull out a black pair of jeans and one of the many black shirts. I then kneel and pull out black undergarmets. I quickly get dressed and walk back into my bathroom. I carefully put my contacts in. I blink my eyes to get used to the contacts. I look up and stare at myself in the mirror. My medium brown hair up in the ponytail, my bangs going across my forehead and another layer of bangs a half inch below it. My gaze shifts to my eyes. A pale blue. My eyes then slide down and look at my small frame. Yes. I may be 5' 4'' and 19 years old but I know how to kick ass. That's why the boss has me getting up so early. He's supposed to be giving me a new job today. "Ugh." I roll my eyes and walk out of the bathroom. I walk over to the side table next to my bed and grab my gun holster. I slip it around my shoulders. I reach down and grab my belt. I slip the part of the holster around it and then put into the belt loops on my jeans. I walk over to the shelf and turn the sterio off. I turn again and grab my black jacket, slipping it on. I walk down to the last door in my room. I grab the keys hanging off of the hook next to the door and open the door, locking it behind me.

     It takes a total of 15 minutes to get from my apartment to the office, depending on the traffic. You'd think that with it being 4:30 in morning most people would be asleep, and they usually are. But not today. It seems like all of Tulsa, OK is up today. 'WHY? Why must y'all be up? Get outa my way!"

     I finally made it to the office, but it took an extra 15 minutes. I walk to the elevator and press the button for '22'. The doors open and I walk out to be greeted by Silvia, the bosses assistant. "You have 5 minutes to be in Mr. Clavis' office Mrs. McFarland."
"Silvia how many time have I told you? It's Miss."
"Sorry. Miss McFarland."
"Thank you. And tell Mr. Clavis that I'll be right there. I just have to get something from my office."
She smiles and nods and walks off in the other direction. I keep walking and reach a door. I open it to reveal a fairly clean, bare, office. You can tell that I do not spend a lot of time here. I mean, I'm a bodyguard. I'm always off guarding someone. I open the drawer in the desk and pull out my peper spray. I ran out a day ago and always need it. I leave and head back the other direction, towards Mr. Clavis' office. This should be fun.

     I was wrong. When I got in there Mr. Clavis was being very... sweet. Mr. Clavis ISN'T sweet. He's one of the most serious men I've ever met. The second I entered the room he offered me tea (I don't drink coffee) and donuts. I sit there in one of the chairs in front of his desk, drinking green tea and staring at him. "Mr. Clavis. I would perfer if you'd just come out with it. What's the job?" He frowns. "That's just like you. Getting right to the point..." I cut him off. "Mr. Clavis."
"Alright. Alright. Have you ever heard of the band Tokio Hotel?"
"Well. That's who the job is."
"Alright. That still doesn't explain why you're being so sweet to me."
"It's in Germany."
"WHAT?!" I stand up, slamming my fists on his desk.
"Are you kidding me John?! What the hell are you thinking?! A job in GERMANY?!"
"Aimee. Aimee. Settle down Aimee."
I take a deep breath. In my nose, out my mouth. I sit back down in the chair. "Germany John? What the hell?"
"Still using my first name. You must be really pissed at me."
"Well YEAH I'm pissed at you. I come in and you give me a job in Germany? For a band? Agh! John. What the hell?"
"Look Aimee. You are the youngest and most talented bodyguard this side of the Prime Meridian. They called and asked for my best. And they asked for some one who knows German. And that's you." He says while leaning back in his chair, pointing at me with a pen. I smile a little. "I'm flattered Mr. Clavis. But Germany? Why is a band in Germany asking for an American body guard anyways?"
"It's not my job to know that. I only supply what they demand."
"So I'm some sort of product to you? Is that it?"
"Wait Aimee. That's not what I meant."
"What ever John. Just have a runner drop the stuff off at my apartment." I get up and turn around, walking toward the door, not even waiting for his reply.

     I go home ignoring everything. The runner came by about 6 while I was cooking dinner. And by cooking I mean cutting up fruit. Not putting my knife down I walk over to the door. I look through the little hole and see Peter. He's 16 years old and is an apprentice bodyguard. Because of the fact that he's do young, he has to do all the boring work. He's about 5' 7'' with red hair and freckles. I open the door and smile at him. "Hey Peter."
"Hello Miss McFarland."
"I mean Miss Aimee."
"Thank you."
"You're welcome. Here." He holds out the envelope out to me.
"Thank you Peter." I take it from him. "You wanna stay for dinner Peter?"
"Nah. I'm going out with my girlfriend for dinner."
I smile. "Alright Peter. See you later. Thanks for bringing this to me."
"No problem. Goodbye Miss Aimee." He says as he runs down the hall.
"Bye Peter."
I close the door and lock it, opening the envelope. My plane ticket, passport and everything's inside it. I pull out the ticket and read it. I'm supposed to leave tomorrow at 1 A.M?! "What the hell?! Arg. John you are SO lucky you aren't here!"

     I quickly eat my food and run around my room packing everything. All of my black jeans, black shirts, underwear, socks, and shoes. I throw the last few belts into my suitcase and close it. I sigh and turn around, sitting on it. "Leaving tomorrow at 1. Damn John. I'll get you if and when I get back." I pick up the house phone and call the local taxi service. I am so not driving to the airport. I do not want to deal with the money that'll cost me. I get off the phone after much arguing. I shake my head and set my suitcase on the floor. I lie down on my bed. I don't even bother with sleep. I'll sleep on the plane.

     "Bbbbbeeeeeeeeepppppp!" That damn alarm clock again. I slap the button and look at the time. 11 A.M. I groan and get up. I put my jacket on and grab my keys and suitcase. I walk out the door and lock it. I sigh. "Goodbye again dear apartment." I turn around and walk to the door. It's pouring outside. "Damn it..." I quickly run to the taxi, opening the door and pretty much shoving my suitcase inside then climbing in beside it. "Thank you for being up this early to drive me sir." "Yeah Yeah." He sighs and drives off at a fairly quick pace.

     We reach the airport in about a half hour. I pay the man the fair and give him a $20 tip for being up so early. "Thank you ma'am." "You're welcome." He drives off and I turn, picking my suitcase up and run into the airport.

     It took about two hours to get through security with my gun. I have to carry it at all times so that means lots and lots of fucking security. I finally get onto the plane and sigh as I put my suitcase into the over head compartment. I finally get it to fit in there and sit down. "Finally." One of the good things about being a bodyguard is that when you fly... you fly first class. I smile as the stewerdress walks over to me. "[Can I get you anything Miss?]" German. I should of known... wait. That means I can have alcohol. "[Yes. I would love to have some alcohol. I don't care what kind just alcohol please." She smiles at me and nods. "[I'll have that right out to you Miss." I smile as she walks off. Ah. The one thing I love about Germany. The drinking age is so young. I reach into my pocket and pull out my ipod. I scroll through the artists and find 'Freezepop- Less Talk More Rokk' I smile and play it, putting the skull candy head phones into my ears. After about three songs of Freezepop the stwerdress comes back with my drink. I don't even ask her what it is. I just drink it. I smile at her. "[Thank you.]" She nods and turns and walks back down the isle to talk to the other passengers. Time for a flight that's about 13 hours.

     I finally arrive in Germany at about 7 P.M. their time. I step off the plane feeling a little jet lagged. The six hour time difference will really kick your ass. I sigh and take my one suitcase and walk down the terminal. I go back through security showing my information and everything. Thank god it only took about ten minutes. I walk out of security check and see a man in his mid 30's holding a sign with my name written on it. I smile. I walk over to him. "[You're Aimee McFarland? The new bodyguard for Tokio Hotel?]"
"[Yes. I am Aimee McFarland. And I believe that is why I am here.]"
He gives me this really funny look.
"[Yeah right. Like I am going to believe that.]"
"[Are you calling me small? Is that what it is? Because I'm short?]"
I glare at him, a very mean scowl on my face.
"[N... No. That's not it. Can I help you with your bags Miss McFarland?]"
"[Yes. You can carry it for me. Call me short.. asshole.]"
I say the last part softly. I mean, calling him an ass hole to his face would be rude when I just met him. Let alone there is the fact that he might be my new boss.

     We got into the car and I sat down in the passenger seat. As we drive to the hotel I look out my window with extreme interest. Germany is so beautiful. I wish that I had the time to go around and see it. I sigh. Oh well. "[My name is Fred by the way. I'm a fellow bodyguard.]" I smile.
"[Fred. Nici name.]"
"[Thanks.]" I laugh slightly.

     We finally arrive at the hotel. I'm carrying my own bag though. Fred offered but I really didn't want that. Fred walks up to the front desk and talks to the woman. I just kinda gaze around the hotel forye. "[Aimee. Here is your room key. You have room 583. Go up, unpack, and then come back down to the restraunt to meet the band.]" He hands me my room key and walks off. I look down at it. Room 583. I look around and finally see the elevator. I walk over to it and press the button. The elevator reachs the floor and the door opens. I walk in and set my suitcase down. I press the 5 button. As soon as the doors start to close a boy about my age runs towards the elevator screaming, "[Hold the door!]" I take a step forward and put my arm out, and the doors open back up. The boy finally reaches me and steps into the elevator. "[Which floor?]" I ask him. He smiles and says, "[Look's like I'm on the same floor as you.]" I smile. "[Good.]" As he stares at the door I look at him from the corner of my eye. His hair is long for a boy. Black with a strips of sliver-ish-white-ish in it. He has his right eyebrow pierced. He is also wearing black eye shadow. But the way he's got it, it really makes his eyes pop out at you. A nice cestnut brown. I smile slightly as I avert my gaze back to the door. We finally reach the floor and the doors open. he takes a step forward and puts his arm out, holding the door. I smile. "[Thank you.]" I pick my bag back up and walk out, nodding to the boy before walking off to my room.

     When I got into my room I just threw my stuff on the bed and walked out, putting the card in my back pocket. I didn't see the boy in the elevator ride back down. Oh well. I finally entered the restraunt, but not with out some one stopping me. "[Miss. This place is off limits to people. You are not allowed in here.]" I don't even stop walking I just talk. "[I'm the new bodyguard. I'm supposed to be in here.]" She's following me. Argh.
"[Miss. You must leave. I cannot allow you in here.]" I finally see Fred. "[Fred. Tell her that I belong here. She just doesn't believe me.]" He turns to the woman. "She is the reason we are in here Janice. She is the bodyguard. Thank you for doing what I told you but she's supposed to be in here.]" She nods to Fred and turns to me, giving me a nice scowl. I just smile at her. She turns and storms off. "[Thanks Fred. So, where are the people I am supposed to watch?]" He turns me around to look at a table of four boys. The boy on my far left is wearing a blue baseball cap, but from what I can see his hair is blonde. His eyes are brown, kinda like that of an Oak tree. The boy sitting next to him to his left has long-ish dark brown hair. His eyes are a dark green, just verging on the edge of brown. Truely beautiful eyes. The boy sitting to his left his hair.. well.. It's a mix of dark and light brown and a little bit of blonde. All of it is dredlocks. But up in a ponytail and hanging out of a cap. Weird. I wonder why the cap. His eyes are a really beautiful mixture of a tree brown and green. I look over to the boy sitting next to him. It's the boy from the elevator. I smile as I look back over all of them. "[So.. Will I be protecting ALL of them?]" I turn my head and look at Fred. (Hehehe. It rhymed.) "[No. You will only be guarding Bill.]" He holds his hand out to the boy from the elevator. "[Everyone of you stand and introduce yourselves.]" They all nod. The first boy I looked at, the one with the blue baseball cap and eyes like that of an Oak Tree. "[My name is Gustav Schafer. I am the drummer for Tokio Hotel. I was born in 1988. I am the second oldest of the band.]" I nod and smile. "[Hello Gustav]." Gustav sits down and the boy next to him stands. "]My name is Georg Listing. I am the bassist for Tokio Hotel. I was born in 1987. I am the oldest of the group.]" I nod and smile to him as well. "[Hello Georg.]" Georg sits and the next boy stands. "[Hey. My name is Tom Kaulitz. I am the guitarist. I was born in 1989. I am the second youngest. I enjoy having to work for the women. I love a nice chase...]" He is cut off by Fred. "[Tom. Enough. Sit down.]" Tom smirks and slowly sits down. I can't help but to smile and laugh. "[Hello Tom. I'm going to tell you now, there is no way I'll date a guy like you.]" His smirk only widens. Ooooh. We've got a vein one. The boy from the elevator stands and smiles very sweetly. "[Since I didn't get a chance to tell you in the elevator, my name is Bill. I am the lead singer for Tokio Hotel. I am the youngest...]" he is cut off by Tom, "[and the craziest.]" he hits him on the back of the head, "[and Tom here is my twin brother. He may by ten minutes older but I'm more mature.]" I laugh. "[So you are the one I shall be watching. Good.]" I smile. "[I am Aimee McFarland. I was born on the 25th of December in 1989. I am the youngest and strongest American bodyguard you can find. I may look small and may seem week but if you underestimate me you WILL regret it. I am your new bodyguard. I do not know for how long, but let me explain something to you if you do, you will be seriously hurt. Got it?]" They just look back and forth to each other, except Bill. He nods. "[Got it?]" I say with the military voice I picked up from all the years in ROTC. They all nod their heads. I smile. "[Good.]"
Alright. I'm a little bored so I decided that I should write a fan fiction story about Bill Kaulitz. The FULL title is '~Something... Unexpected [A Bill Kaulitz Story] Chapter One- Meeting the Guys~ ... at least thats the full title for THIS chapter. I will be writing more... hopefully. I don't know right this second. But I will be working on it. When the next one will be up... I don't know. But please... Favorite and pass on to your friends.


P.S.~ When you see [insert text here] that means that they are talking in German. When you DON'T see it, it means it spoken in English.



I do not own Tokio Hotel... Blah Blah Blah...


I DO however own the main character.. so... no stealing...
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